Winners – Take 5 Issue 46

Where’s Polly Puzzler? ($50 x 1): U. Turnbull, SA

Join the dots & win!($250 x 1): J. Miller, NZ

Cash ($200 x 1): J. Stephens, Vic

Garage Door Opener (x 6): M. Ball, Qld;  V. Halliday, Vic ; C. Harkom, Vic ; V. Leckie, SA ; J. Nolan, NSW; J. Perrett, NSW

Cookbook (x 34): E. Alexander, Vic; K. Anderson, Qld; V. Arbery, SA; G. Blok, Vic; E. Board, Vic
; B. Bright, Vic; J. Browning, Qld; J. Burke, Qld; A. Burke, Vic; E. Cathro, Qld; V. Cutri, WA; S. De Florian, Qld; O. Dellios, Vic; J. Duggin, SA; C. Eaton, NSW; A. Ensby, NSW; E. Farnsworth, NSW; T. Godwin, NSW; C. A. Hanna, SA; L. Hurford, Qld; M. Jenkins, Qld; E. Jones, WA; D. Krause, Vic; M. Larfield, NSW; J. Lasscock, NSW; T. Lewis, Vic; I. Lord, Vic; J. Martin, SA; L. McCowan, Qld; A & J Merkel, SA; M. Miliauskas, WA; H. D. Monisse, WA; S. A. Moore, Qld; L. Morris, NSW; L. Murray, SA; L. Oliver, NSW; J. Petch, Vic; W. L. Rose, Vic; K. Shah, Vic; M. Smart, SA; S. Solway, NSW; B. Stephens, Qld; J. Strickland, Vic; M. Walker, Vic; L. Wilde, Vic; J. Wood, SA

Thermal Cooker &$150 Supermarket Voucher(x 1): D. Wilkie, NSW

7-Piece Cookware Set (x 1)t: J. Carr, Qld

Men’s Watch (x 1): D. Wiley, NSW

Hairdryer (x 1): D. Mills, NZ

Stick Vacuum (x 1): J. Amourin, Qld

Sudoku Pub Quiz ($50 x 4): R. Mary, Qld; M. Brown, NZ; E. Niesler, Qld; G. Speed, SA

Silver Jewellery (x 25): K. Armstrong, Qld; K. Baker, NSW; M. Boxhall, Vic; M. Brown, WA
; B. Bruccoleri, NSW; L. Budiharto, NSW; N. Erskine, SA; J. Grantham, SA; P. Harris, Qld; G. Henry, Qld; K. Holdstock, SA; M. Johnson, SA; J. Kane, NSW; V. Lyne, Qld; P. Mariona, Vic; L. Maroney, Vic; C. McLaren, WA; D. O’ Carroll, Qld; S. Peatey, Qld; C. Phelps, Vic; L. Sarkozi, NSW; G. Simmonds, Qld; A. Thompson, NSW; W. Watson, Vic; P. Woodford, NSW

World Clock (x 5): G. Adamski, Qld; C. Brett, Tas; N. Noakes, NSW; G. Patzwald, Qld; V. Ulherr, NSW

Photo Frame (x 25): J. Ashurst, NSW; P. Bankwell, NSW; S. Bywater, SA; J. Carroll, NSW; J. Critchley, SA; S. M. Dawson, NSW; R. Eastwood, NSW; J. Faucett, NSW; G. Hume, Vic; H. Kathleen, NSW; R. Ledger, NSW; J. Loft, Vic; B. Lynch, Vic; V. McNamara, WA; M. Morris, SA; G. Noble, Vic; N. Pond, Vic; R. Proud, NSW; N. Ridge, NSW; M. Roche, Vic; M. Steele, Vic; S. Sullivan, NSW; K. Tonetti, NSW; H. Westlake, Qld; L. Wilson, NSW

4-Piece Saucepan Set (x 2): B. Munro, WA; I. Yeates, Qld

Gym Equipment (x 1): J. Holberton, WA

DVD Pack (x 3): V. Griffiths, NSW; R. Nelson, NZ; S. Sweeney, NSW

Cash ($50 x 2): C. Knight, Vic; M. Wells, NSW

Luxury Towel Set (x 1): M. Birzer, NZ

Smart Phone (x 1): D. Hardidge, Qld

Kitchen Pack (x 11): C. Belz, Qld; K. Benson, Qld; A. Dowling, Qld; A. Govan, NSW; S. Grima, Vic; D. Haagsma, Vic; L. Hutchinson, Qld; J. Pratten, Vic; J. Stevenson, Qld; K. Walpole, Vic; E. Ward, NSW

Beach Pack (x 20): S. Blanch, NSW; L. Brown, Qld; J. Burrows, Qld; S. Burt, SA; C. Dean, WA; B. Deveney, WA; J. Dill, Qld; L. Ellis, Qld; D. Green, NSW; C. Green, NSW; S. Harding, Vic; A. Hurrell, WA; N. Loader, SA; L. Oakford, Vic; J. Olsen, Qld; C. Skinner, Qld; M. Smith, NSW; T. Tyers, Vic; V. Waller, NSW; L. Walter, Qld

Cash ($2,000 x 1): C. Thompson, Vic

Cash ($50 x 3): L. Bartley, Qld; M. Chawner, NSW; R. Thorley, NSW

Cash ($50 x 3): E. Cuntis, SA; R. Pickette, NSW; C. Traynor, WA

Cash ($50 x 3): K. Caddy, NSW; H. Emmerson, Vic; B. Rhino, NZ

Cash ($50 x 3): D. Behm, Qld; N. Dennis, Qld; D. Stock, SA

Cash ($50 x 3): M. Taberner, Vic; J. Tinsley, WA; J. Worthington, NSW

Slushie Maker (x2): E. J. Butler, Qld; T. Hooper, SA

Ladies’ Scarf (x 26): G. Bemrose, WA; L. Bolton, Qld; B. Butterworth, NSW; S. Capps, NSW; A. De Souza, Vic; T. Doregon, NSW; J. Ferreira, Vic; Z. Goldstein, NSW; P. Hall, Qld; L. Hay, Qld; K. Henderson, NSW; V. King, Vic; G. Kunde, Qld; J. Lewitzka, WA; G. Mason, NSW; H. Moore, Qld; M. Parker, Qld; S. Rawlinson, NSW; K. Reid, Tas; C. Sumner, WA; S. Tabbakh, WA; J. Thompson, WA; E. Thomson, NSW; V. Ward, Qld; E. Woods, Vic; S. Wyllie, NSW

Cash (S100 x 1): M. Robson, NZ

Cash ($50 x 1): R. Van Develen, SA

Cash ($100 x 1): D. Barr, NZ

Table Lamp (x 1): M. Steinke, Qld

Handbag ( x 10): L. Bailey, NSW; R. Bennett, SA; L. Blenkhorn, Tas; K. Dewer, NSW; J. Eggenhuizen, NSW; M. Forscutt, NZ; M. Harrap, WA; P. Herberich, Qld; C. Kurdi, NSW; H. Winter, Qld

Cologne (x 25): B. Bartlett, Vic; D. Burke, NSW; D. Davey, NSW; S. Dehne, Qld; S. Doyle, Qld; K. Dunlop, Vic; M. Farren, Vic; M. Gill, WA; J. Hatch, NSW; M. Jensen, Qld; W. Lewis, SA; L. Martion, WA; C. Mitchell, NSW; L. Mondello, Vic; B. Munchenberg, SA; V. O’neil, NSW; S. Perry, Vic; L. Reeve, NSW; J. Roberts, SA; E. Robertson, Qld; T. Robinso, NSW; D. Searle, Qld
; S. Veljanovska, NSW; R. Woolnough, NSW; C. Young, NSW

Baseball Set (x 1): B. Coulls, NSW

Game (x 1): C. Quinn, Qld

Lawn Game (x 1): S. Fern, Vic

Scooter (x 1 ): V. Sawatzki, Qld

DVD Pack (x 4): E. Burgess, NSW; P. Constable, NSW; E. Rose, WA; E. Yeoman, Vic

Robot (x 1): C. Windsor, Vic

Utensil Set (x 35): J. Andrews, Qld; A. Bailey, NSW; S. J. Bellingham, Qld; E. Clark, Qld; D. Cleaver, WA; M. Craig, Qld; C. D’abrera, NSW; K. Davey, Vic; G. Davies, WA; R. Devine, NSW; S. Dunbar, Qld; L. Elliott, Tas; M. Flynn, WA; J. Forsyth, WA; I. Friedrich, NSW; N. Fuller, NSW; D. Galea, NSW; R. Hatton, NSW; H. Hernahdez, Vic; S. Jensen, Qld; B. May, Vic; J. McFerren, Qld; J. McGregor, Vic; A. McGuinness, NSW; A. McKenzie, SA; H. Milne, Qld; A. Mitchell, NSW; J. M. Patterson, Qld; V. Phillips, NSW; M. Richmond, Qld; D. Rowe, SA; J. Stock, SA; S. Trippett, Qld; D. Whalley, Qld; S. Wilson, Vic

Whodunnit Fiction $250 Cash: G. Gaetani, Vic


  • please put the winners in the mag as well not everybody who does yor puzzles has a computer

  • Is Take 5 trying to save money by not publishing the names in the magazine . Not happy .

  • Kathy's comment is interesting. I assume that there are many more entrants from the East Coast due to the population of our country being mainly on the east coast. I would be really interested to know the number of competitors in each draw.

  • Hi Lyn, The Take 5 club are currently reviewing their website and have removed the badge draw for the time being. Kind regards, Take 5

  • At least l now know why l could not find the badge draw number. I think comps all changed since competitions could be submitted online, so l stopped buying the magazine and save the $1 postage.

  • I have not won anything...not in Time of our Lives, Puzzles, Tips and Mailbox Section. Don't know if I should invest anytime writing into Cover stories or Your Stories Section. Kathy

  • Hi, I won a prize (Garage Door Opener) in the above mentioned magazine and haven't received it as yet. Can you please tell me when I will be receiving it. Thanking you in advance. Regards, Carol Harkom.

  • Hi, I won a prize (Garage Door Opener) in the above mentioned magazine and haven't received it as yet. Can you please tell me when I will be receiving it. Thanking you in advance. Regards, Carol Harkom.

  • Where is the badge draw can't find anything any more and winners are still from issue 46 don't we ever move on.

  • Am I missing something? I see the winner names but not the solutions to the puzzles from this issue. Guidance please.

  • If you win, do you get notified via email or something or do you have to check all these names every week? Also, I have been looking for issue 20 everywhere for week of May 11th and I can't find it anywhere. Has it not been released?