Whodunnit solution – Shoe store

“Get your hands off me, you creep,” Stella cried as Hal slapped his handcuffs over her wrists. “You don’t have any proof.”

He scoffed. “On the contrary, you gave me everything I needed.”

He whipped out his phone and started punching in the number for the local police station. “I may not be an expert on cosmetics but even I know mascara will run when you get as teary as you’ve been. You skipped the make-up session in your car this morning so you could get into the shop before the others and kill poor Chanel.”

Vivienne gasped, looking bewildered and scared. “After all we’ve been through with the robbery, why would you do this?”

Stella rolled her eyes.

“I was the robber, you idiot!” she shouted. “I stole the shoe and to stop Chanel from snooping any further, I killed her.”

“Save it for the police,” Hal barked.

With an expensive heist and gory murder under her belt, Hal knew the police would be head over heels for Stella.