Whodunnit solution – Pizza

“You’re coming with me, Carlo,” Abby said, jangling her cuffs.

“I didn’t kill him!” Carlo cried.

“You’re lying,” Abby said. “You said you never left the oven, that every pizza went in for 10 minutes, no more, no less.”

“It’s true,” he said.

“It’s obvious Pepe and Gianni are telling the truth. Pepe’s hands are covered in flour and Gianni hadn’t even had time to put down his spoon,” Abby said. “They were working hard and never left their stations.”

Carlo looked stricken.

“I smelled burning when I first walked in here,” Abby said, opening the oven. “You left your station long enough for the pizza to burn.”

She went on.

“My guess is that Antonio asked for a moment of your time out the back,” Abby said. “He wasn’t happy with your work and he was letting you go. But you couldn’t stand for that, so you picked up the nearest weapon to hand, a pizza slicer…”

“I needed this job!” Carlo yelled suddenly, giving in. “With him out of the way, I thought I might be able to keep it.”

“Well, you won’t be,” she said. “But maybe there will be a kitchen position available in jail.”