Whodunnit solution – Mountains

Mimi was distraught at the sight of her ex-husband’s corpse.

“Who could have done this?” she cried.

“Should I call the police?” Bruce offered quickly.

“Yes,” Hal replied, comforting Mimi while Bruce made the call.

Mimi blew her nose loudly just as Bruce hung up and explained that the police were on their way.

“Thanks for your good deed,” Hal noted. “The court may look upon you more favourably when you’re sentenced for murder.”

Mimi gasped.

“What the hell are you talking about, little man?” Bruce said with a quiet menace.

Hal grinned.

“I may be short, but there’s nothing wrong with my hearing – and I remember very clearly what you said about bringing Fernando his daily bagels,” he said.

Bruce nodded emphatically. “That’s right. He trusted me. No-one else,” he confirmed.

“That moldy, uneaten bagel is days old. An organic bagel, with no preservatives isn’t going to last long,” Hal said. “I think you killed him on Monday in a jealous rage and couldn’t face coming back in the house after that. Calling the police now suited you well, thinking that police would point the finger at Mimi when they found the many phone calls she’s sent and the fact she knew where the spare key was hidden. I’m guessing you’ve heard his mobile ringing after you killed him and could help but let yourself in to check who was calling.

“That’s when the plan formed to frame Mimi didn’t it Bruce? But Mimi was away shooting an ad when Fernando was murdered, which meant no-one else could have been at the house when he died.”

“But why?” Mimi asked. “What did Fernando do to you?”

“He was going to change his will!” Fernando explained. “He was going to leave his house and all his paintings to me. Until you turned up, Mimi. I thought about bumping you off, but when you left to film the commercial I knew time was precious.”

Bruce’s face sank as the sound of a police car drew nearer.

“I should have killed you too while I had the chance,” Bruce grumbled to Hal.

Despite his threat, Hal couldn’t help but smile.

“Better take one last look at the birds, mate,” he said. “Only ones you’ll be seeing where you’re headed will be jailbirds.”