Whodunnit solution – Florist

Hal walked towards the register and interrupted the yelling.

“While you’re arguing among yourselves I just wanted to ask Jasmine one question,” he said.

“If you were late for your shift because you were at the dry cleaner’s getting that uniform you’ve just put on, why do you already have pollen on your collar?”

Jasmine looked up suddenly, eyes wide.

“None of your business,” she retorted.

The bee continued to fly towards her so she slapped it away yet again.

“That bee won’t leave you alone but, according to you, you haven’t been around flowers all day,” Hal continued. “I think you spotted the opportunity after that first delivery of crocuses to make a quick buck by reselling the goods.”

All eyes were on Jasmine who stared angrily at Hal before yielding to the pressure.

“Fine,” she sighed. “I stole the flowers ’cause Petunia’s pay rates are terrible. You have no idea what a skinflint she is.”

Hal hit the number for the police on his mobile, whipped out his handcuffs and clicked them on to Jasmine’s wrists, then grabbed a bouquet of roses on the counter and slapped them on the counter.

“May as well buy some flowers for my girl while I solve the crime,” he announced, shrugging.