Whodunnit solution – Dogs

“Who do I arrest this time?” Detective Rhodes asked Hal Spear.

“Well, Kaye certainly had her fair share of enemies,” Hal noted, looking at the three. “But she was really looking forward to having a facial from Rita. You knew it took some time to set up for that, and that Rita wouldn’t have stood for tardiness. Can you explain why you were supposedly only showing up with your gear while she was in the shower?”

Rita looked shocked.

Before she could answer, Hal continued. “And if Kaye had been under the shower like you claim, Rita, then why wasn’t there a drop of water anywhere, allowing the blood from her head wound to pool neatly around her still gelled hair – it was rock-solid. If she’d been in the shower as you claim, the blood would have been washed away and her hair would be limp. You never had any intention of giving her a facial today. You were only there to kill her, which is what you did as soon as she arrived.”

Marygold laughed. “This is a hoot!”

“For you!” Rita hissed. “You weren’t the one who was with her day in day out, taking her tantrums, dealing with her hysterics. And I knew Teddy wouldn’t want Bunty if she was dead – he’d have been all mine. Bunty and I would have both been free of Kaye,” she said.”

Hal turned to Teddy, his eyebrows raised questioningly. Teddy looked embarrassed holding the bottle of shampoo.

“Everything was going to change today… but not like this,” he explained.

Marygold smiled menacingly. “We’d planned to wash Bunty with a shampoo that would change the colour of his coat and disqualify him from winning. Then, me and Teddy were off to Hawaii – with Pokey, of course.”

Detective Rhodes moved in to handcuff Rita.

She stopped as she was being led out of the trailer. “Teddy, Marygold, could you keep Bunty after all?”

Marygold’s face softened just a little. “Well, I suppose it is time for him to retire from the show ring,” she said. “If that’s the case, he’ll come with us.”

Rita sighed with relief and let the police lead her away.

Hal watched the uniformed policeman walk her across the grass. “And they say it’s a dog’s life,” he couldn’t help but mutter. “Not for some.”