What happened next?

Blinded by love

Linda Riss was in her 20s when she had an affair with married man Burton Pugach. As their passionate tryst continued, Burton promised to leave his wife for Linda but never went through with it.

Enraged, Linda decided to break up with him, so Burton sought revenge.

He hired hit men to throw lye, a chemical known as sodium hydroxide, in Linda’s face, which blinded her in one eye.

Burton was arrested for crime and, in court, Linda told the judge that her lover had threatened her, saying, ” If I can’t have you, no-one else will, and when I get finished with you, nobody else will want you.”

Burton was jailed for 14 years for the crime. Then, when he was released from jail, he went after Linda again…


So, what happened next?

A Linda threw lye in his face, blinding him.

B. Burton divorced his wife and married Linda.

C. Linda had married film star Rock Hudson.