What happened next?

A mystery caller

Donna Graybeal set up a local business repairing restaurant kitchen equipment and pretty soon business was booming. But then she received a phone call. All she could hear on the line was a man breathing heavily.

She hung up, but minutes later he rang again. He didn’t say anything, but his wheezing scared Donna.

Over the next few weeks, the same caller rang hundreds of times. She reported it to the phone company in Massachusetts, US, but they couldn’t trace the call.

After the caller had harassed her for months, calling an incredible 2,600 times, she feared he might attack her and called in the cops.

They listened in the next time he called and managed to trace it to an elderly couple in a different state, Theodore and Elisabeth James.

When police burst into their home, Theodore denied making any calls. Oddly, both Donna and Elisabeth’s grandmothers had died two years earlier.

So who had been behind the six month campaign of terror?

A George Clooney’s brother
B An oil tank
C A hostage in Theodore’s cellar