True Confession…

Here is a juicy true confession to get you through the week…

With his usual sleazy grin, my boss, Robin, sauntered over to my desk.
Hannah, 27, Central Coast, NSW
“That’s a lovely top you’re wearing,” he said, staring openly at my chest.
I squirmed in my seat.
As Robin walked off I glanced over at my colleague Sharon, who was making retching motions behind his back.
Sharon and I worked at Robin’s dental surgery – I was a receptionist and dental assistant, while she was another dentist at the practice. It was my first job since leaving college, but really, I had dreams of becoming a dentist myself, even if that meant working for a man like Robin.
Married, in his 50s and with three teenage kids, he still tried it on with all the younger female members of staff. He once tried to kiss Sharon at 
an office party.
“He’s so disgusting,” she said now. “His poor wife.”
That night, I complained about him to my fiancé, Dwayne.
“You should leave,” he encouraged me.
“I can’t leave,” I said. “I’ve been there a year now, I’m sure to get promoted soon.
Plus, Dwayne and 
I were saving hard for our wedding, so I couldn’t 
just quit my job.
Next day, the practice was abuzz with gossip.
“Janet’s leaving,” Sharon whispered to me. “She’s got a new job at another practice.”
“That opens up a space for 
a dental hygienist,” I said.
This was the moment I had been waiting for. Becoming a dental hygienist was the next rung on the career ladder for me and meant a pay rise, too.
The trouble was, the person who was tasked with filling that role was Robin.
I walked over to his office when I could see that he wasn’t busy.
“I’d like to apply for the hygienist role,” I said.
He looked me up and down.
“Don’t you have a dental appointment scheduled with me after hours today?” he said.
“Um, yes, I just need a check-up,” I replied, suddenly remembering.
“Great, we can talk about the job then,” he said, grinning.
Then he winked suggestively and I knew exactly what he was after. But could I do that?
I wanted the job so badly!
So that night, after everyone else had left, I unbuttoned the top of my blouse and took a seat in Robin’s chair .
His knowing smirk almost made me bolt, but I thought about my dream job and my dream wedding, and closed 
my eyes.
He did my check-up, leaning right over me.
“Looks like you need a filling…” he murmured.
Next thing I knew, he was furiously unbuttoning my top and ripping off my skirt.
We had sex right there in the dentist’s chair.
Afterwards, I shakily dressed, feeling disgusted and ashamed.
“So did I get the job?” I asked, forcing my voice to stay even.
“Sorry, I already filled the role,” he said, and laughed.
I handed my notice in the next day and found a job at different practice.
I’ve never told Dwayne why I left and I’ve had to live with the guilt since.
It’s been three years and we still haven’t saved enough for our wedding.

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