This week…Take 5 teams up with Neighbours! 

We’re giving you the chance to WIN $10,000 CASH simply by watching Neighbours weeknightly on Channel Eleven.

Dee and Toadie’s wedding tragedy was one of the most popular Neighbours storylines of all times. Over the years fans have speculated about what really happened to Dee. Many conspiracy theories have been floated, including the suggestion that Dee entered the witness protection program due to a run-in with the Mafia.

Madeleine’s much anticipated guest appearance might finally solve Neighbours’ biggest mystery. Is Dee actually alive, or is there a bigger plot twist at play?

To enter: Individuals must watch Neighbours on Channel Eleven (in Australia at its local broadcasted time) each night from Monday 16th January 2017 to Friday 20th January 2017 (inclusive and consecutively). Each night during the program, a  special Take 5 daily code letter or letters will be revealed which the individual must then rearrange to reveal the answer to the question “what is the name of this Neighbours character?” and then send their completed entry via mail or online.

For another chance to win, write to us about your own brush with death or near-death experience. The best story will win $1,000.

Send your story via post to: Take 5 Neighbours Story Promotion, GPO Box 3525, Sydney NSW 2001 including their full name, mailing address, daytime telephone number and answer to the competition question; or

Send an email to: with the subject line “Take 5 Neighbours Story Promotion” including their full name, mailing address, daytime telephone number and answer to the competition question.

For full terms and conditions: visit: 

  • I have watched these last 2 episodes of neighbours and have them on record and have searched for the letters??? can u tell me when it appears and where?? thank you

  • Nor have i... been watching, even during the ad breaks, but nothing is showing up...????????

  • I have been watching also and haven't seen them either. How are we supposed to collect the letters if they are not coming up?

  • Lyn


    1 month ago

    can anyone tell me what last night..Wednesday... letter(s) please

  • Letters are not being broadcast on WIN & Southern Cross Australia Channels. So majority of country viewers miss out!

  • Been wasting my time looking for the answers each night also. Not fair to the majority of the viewers that can't see the letters.

  • I also have been watching Neighbours and haven't seen any letters. I would love a equal chance of winning ........

  • I don't think it's even happened I watch 11 every night and recorded and they are not there it's a joke!!! I just put Madge down lol I wanted to send my entry today!! But it's a bit crap there's no letters!

  • I have watched each episode twice but could not find any letters either. I am in Cairns and watch through WIN so I guess we miss out as well. Jen

  • We watch Neighbours. Why can't we have a chance to enter the competition? There were no letters shown for any day during the week.

  • I have also watched neighbours every day this week on 11 in the Riverina and not once did I see a letter either. Not fair for the country viewers as I also want to submit my answers.

  • What a waste of time. I've been looking for letters too! Why do country people miss the opportunity. We deserve a chance to win too. Are only Capital Cities getting the letters!!!!!

  • Penny No letters in S E Queensland, watched every night, even went on line and watched again, what a farce. No letter on any night, false advertising to the max

  • I watched here in rural Western Australia and did not see any letters either ! ..

  • I watch in Canberra, and there aren't any letters here either! What a waste of my time!