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    • I like both, always have because that’s the way I grew up. Both dog and cat family. My children are the same.

    • I’m a dog person through and through.

    • Cate


      2 months ago

      I was always a cat person and my husband was a dog person. We each have a cat and a dog. I now love his dog as much as he loves my cat.

    • I am definately a cat person, we have two and love them so much. xoxo

    • I’m a dog person, partner is a cat person and we have both. each of us looks after our respective pets and that’s it. will pet and play with cat but my dog has my heart more

    • I love dogs and cats, the only trouble is my dog will not let me own a cat.

    • I love all animals,the puppy/dog is my preferred pet of all.

    • Can’t find anywhere to post this – Need a bit of help with some answers Issue 13 puzzle 28 double meaning and puzzle 37 which word and issue 14 kids puzzle page 52 word that goes before Fin Net Tower Alarm. If you can help would be much appreciated

    • Hello Rosemary, hope this helps you out. Puzzle 28 answer fairy. Puzzle 37 answer water. Kids puzzle answer shark.

    • Hi Rosemary, i also had fairy for puzzle 28. water for puzzle 37. I am stuck between bell and red for kids puzzle.

    • Kristie which issue are you stuck between bell and red? and what puzzle? Many thanks for the answers Kaylene and Kristie

    • Lou


      4 weeks ago

      love cats and dogs!

    • Rosemary its issue 14. The kids puzzle where you have to work out what word can go before the listed words. I ended up putting down red as the answer. My father told me shark was the answer. So shark probably is the correct answer. 🙂

    • Ah, Im in mums account – Kristie.

    • Yes in issue 14 for kids puzzle had me stumped but eventually I opted for shark and I’ve since seen on here that people got shark too .

    • Has anyone found Polly in Issue 16. I can’t find her anywhere

    • Tricky one Sharon, check out the “sanitary pad” slippers on page 24

    • Thank you so much Kaylene.

    • Anyone know where can you enter the on line members puzzle? I cant find it this week..

    • Has anyone actually won anything? I’ve been entering every week for months and never seem to win. Can’t find where to enter online members puzzle this week either.

    • Its not members puzzle any more i’ve just realised, just enter on page as normal puzzles.. and yes Julie, i have won a couple of things over the years so keep sending in those entries 🙂

    • Thanks Sandra, I enjoy doing the puzzles anyway but wondered if it is worth sending them off……….. you’ve convinced me to keep going. Cheers

    • I’m definitely a cat person. We have 2 rescue purr babies who are just like children to us now our children have all flown the nest. At one stage when our children were still at home we had 7 cats all up, some pedigree and some rescue.

  • 10 weird delicacies you didn't know about!

    What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten? We bet these 10 delicacies from around the world will make you squirm in horror!

    1. Korea – Sannakji
    The Korean delicacy sannakji involves cutting up a small o […]

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    • none of the above sounds edible to me. but each to their own… tastebuds

    • Haggis is lovely. Eaten with turnips and potatoes, it is nutty and similar to eating the stuffing from a roast

    • Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!!

    • I don’t like the idea of eating haggis.
      we eat deep fried frogs legs when in Asia and love them. Give them a try when you can you might be surprised how nice they are.

    • We have too many other great foods in Australia to eat things like this. Fruit bats! What happened to Lyssavirus?

    • Has anyone worked out the Hidden Pictures puzzle on page 38 in issue 14? You have to find another giraffe.

    • Don’t knock it until you try it!!!
      I have eaten the Witchetty Grub, fried silk worms, candied bees, dog meat steak (didn’t know I did this until later when i was with a translator..made me feel ill), crocodile pie, possum pie, emu steak and a deep fried spider. Oddly enough the things I wouldn’t eat are the living seafood dishes. Those freak me out the most.

    • not for me

  • Should we change the Australian currency name?

    The economy has hit a bit of rough patch and it appears that many of us are turning to our outrageous Aussie sense of humour to give it a much-needed boost, with some surprising results!

    Nearly 65 00 […]

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    • never heard of such nonsense very bad idea

    • I can not stand the simpsons so would hate to have to refer to my money with one of the sayings from the show

    • What a load of CROCK. Keep the dollar and get rid of the simpsons YUK!!!!!

    • Bonnie – I like the name Dollar and why follow the Simpsons. I dont even watch the show.

    • as above why change our monetary system name, especially when its a show thats not australian and portrays ethics that are anything but australian

    • No thank you. Leave it as Dollars. Can’t stand the Simpsons. Silly idea.

    • No that would cost money and there are plenty of other issues more important.

    • I’ve never heard of such utter nonsense before, that’s what I think of the Simpson’s also..

    • If we were to change, I’d prefer “Buck” which what we’ve been saying as Aussies

    • I reckon the Simpsons had it bang on when they were calling it DolleryDoos! That sounds just so Australian doesn’t it? So yeh, DolleryDoos and Coineys! hows that? Either that or what Ellyana says sounds better – Bucks and Billyohs! 🙂

    • I have never heard of anything more ridiculous as that. Keep the dollar as it is, there is enough foreign crap being brought into our country as it is. Keep Australia for Australians. If people want to come in they need to assimilate to the Australian way of life after all they left their own country for a better life!

    • Is this some sort of joke???

    • surely not!!

    • I could think of a better name than that perhaps Dolamite lol

    • internationally we would be a laughing stock, stupid idea!

    • No dollarydoos here thank you!

    • can you imagine the cost involved in changing this seems some people in high places just want to waste more money. if its not broken dont fix it

    • no no no….we’ve only had these for 50 years…give it a go!!!

    • No we shouldn’t.
      Some of us have already been through not only changing our currency Completely, and then there was the swapping $1 & $2 notes for coins. And then Not to mention the later addition of removing 1c & 2c pieces & the Rounding Up/Rounding Down to the nearest 5c. . .
      ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!!!
      Do you have any idea how many people still use inches and feet as opposed to cm & metres ? Or Fareinheit instead of Celcius ??????????? And the LIST GOES ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • why?

    • No, but should be Aussie, not American Simpsons. What about Bunyip? “Hey, can you change my 50 Bunyip bill?” LOL

    • For heavens sake you would have to be kidding, I hate the simpsons, so would hate the new name if it was made that. Look for aussie names not tv rubbish.

    • Yes, why?

    • Has anyone worked out the puzzle where you have to find the other giraffe in the picture on pg 38 in Issue 14?

    • hi sharon, not sure if you have the answer now but it is on the neck (word)

    • Thanks

    • Has anyone found Polly from Issue 16? I’ve looked a number of times and I can’t find her.

    • just the fact its from the simpsons turns me right off

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    • I know that with the price rise for stamps (ridiculously overpriced now) and the slower postage times have probably caused the option for entries online, but it is now just one more thing I am forced to do online 🙁 🙁 🙁

      • I hope we will always be able to do the competitions from the magazine too, i love doing the puzzles with a pen, popping the entry in an envelope and posting it , just seems so much better.

    • Does anyone know the member puzzle answer for issue 6? I’m stumped!

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    • There are kids that have had birthdays since the online poll was put up. how bout something new

    • So do not like the new webpage. It is soooooo hard to get into and navigate. Have not been able to enter the online puzzles for weeks 🙁

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