• Should we change the Australian currency name?

    The economy has hit a bit of rough patch and it appears that many of us are turning to our outrageous Aussie sense of humour to give it a much-needed boost, with some surprising results!

    Nearly 65 00 […]

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    • as above why change our monetary system name, especially when its a show thats not australian and portrays ethics that are anything but australian

    • No that would cost money and there are plenty of other issues more important.

    • I’ve never heard of such utter nonsense before, that’s what I think of the Simpson’s also..

    • I reckon the Simpsons had it bang on when they were calling it DolleryDoos! That sounds just so Australian doesn’t it? So yeh, DolleryDoos and Coineys! hows that? Either that or what Ellyana says sounds better – Bucks and Billyohs! :-)

    • Is this some sort of joke???

    • Carol


      2 days ago

      surely not!!

    • can you imagine the cost involved in changing this seems some people in high places just want to waste more money. if its not broken dont fix it

  • Real Life read: My sweet revenge

    Tracey had no idea revenge would be so sweet. She thought Daniel was the love of her life… until she became his. This online love rat got his dues!


    As I gazed across the table at my boyfriend Daniel I […]

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  • This week in Take 5...

    As Emma prepared for the upcoming arrival of her baby daughter, she never imaged her partner could be hiding such a dark secret…

    Emma Jane Barker, 32, Romford, UK

    The room was full of pink balloons and […]

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    • I know that with the price rise for stamps (ridiculously overpriced now) and the slower postage times have probably caused the option for entries online, but it is now just one more thing I am forced to do online :( :( :(

      • I hope we will always be able to do the competitions from the magazine too, i love doing the puzzles with a pen, popping the entry in an envelope and posting it , just seems so much better.

    • Does anyone know the member puzzle answer for issue 6? I’m stumped!

    • Answer is bedlam

  • Real Life Read: Test of conscience

    For Katrina, a mix-up in a gruelling exam led to some creative accounting…
    *Names have been changed


    Beads of sweat were forming on my forehead as I waited outside the exam hall.

    “How do you think yo […]

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  • Real Life read: A weight off!

    When Lou started a new diet, she never imagined she’d lose more than a few kilograms of weight…


    Lou Sealby, 39, Whyalla, SA

    Stepping into my favourite pair of heels, I took one last look in the […]

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  • What are the health benefits of tea?

    Polish off your old saucers and get chugging, because tea is packed full of health benefits. Here, we explore which herbal teas can help alleviate health problems.  Don’t be afraid to try something ne […]

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    • There are kids that have had birthdays since the online poll was put up. how bout something new

    • Dale


      1 month ago

      So do not like the new webpage. It is soooooo hard to get into and navigate. Have not been able to enter the online puzzles for weeks :(

  • Real Life read: Flirting with fire!

    Lara’s heated moment of passion almost cost her everything…

    Lara Haynes, 45, Canberra, ACT

    At first I thought my husband Karl’s job offer to go work in the mines was a godsend.

    We were struggling to m […]

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  • Quiz: What's your real age?

    Take our test and see how you can help turn back the clock…

    How old are you?
    a) 18-35
    b) 36-55
    c) 55+

    Do you smoke?
    a) No, never.
    b) Sometimes, socially.
    c) Yep, regularly.

    What best describes y […]

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  • Real Life read: Hair today, gone tomorrow!

    When Hannah was confronted with her friend’s shocking secret, she knew exactly how to get revenge…

    Hannah Morley, 36, Wollongong, NSW

    Snip, snip went my scissors as I trimmed my client’s shoulder-length b […]

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